ViLLA Nohoho

Design – a combination of modern and traditional

In addition to the typical Okinawan red tile roof, ViLLA Nohoho has a modern interior using a lot of wood. Completed in 2019, this new-style house does not host an extravagant luxury, but guests will relax and stay comfortably right in the middle of nature on Ishigaki’s northern peninsula.


Two persons winter

Only one party per day

Since the facility is limited to one group, guests enjoy their private time relaxing at their own pace. It can accommodate visitors up to 4 persons. . For support, guests can easily address the owner, who resides in the same building, or to simply have a Yuntaku chit-chat about the island or other topics.

Eden on your doorstep – a garden full of nature

With flowers blooming year-round, various tropical vegetables, herbs, etc. grow in the garden. Enjoy a simple breakfast in the morning, provided as a service, in the garden’s patio, and or BBQ and drinks at night to end a satisfying day. The garden is an infinite project and we will continue to nurture and grow the plants step by step.


White beach just a five minutes’ walk away

There are many beautiful beaches in the northern part of Ishigaki Island. Known as one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, Sunset Beach is only a 5-minute walk from the inn. As the name implies, it is located on the west coast and every day a different dusk may be observed.


Focus on style, consideration for the environment

The accommodation provides Japan-made Imabari towels and carefully selected amenities like shampoo and soap are available. In addition, guests can freely use local tableware, selected from various potteries in Yaeyama and Okinawa. We aim to limit the environmental footprint and do not provide disposable amenities such as toothbrushes.

A region narrating history

Nowadays, the Hirakubo Peninsula is a wonderful area, abundant with nature that can truly be called a tropical paradise. However, this hasn’t always been the case. It is a region with a deep history that is not easy to recognize on the surface. Folk tales and songs that tell the region’s story are important remnants of the local culture. While Nohoho offers a new style of accommodation experience, it aims to do so in full respect of the history and the hardships of the people who have been living in this area in present and past.


のーどぅ しぅきぅ やろーりゃ?

Under construction
Horse riding

There are many activities unique to the northern peninsula of Ishigaki Island. Horseback riding, paragliding, SUP, kayaking, etc. can all be enjoyed in the vicinity. The nearby beach offers opportunities for snorkelling and yoga. Provided skies are clear, gazing at the night skies from the garden is a must-do activity too.

Of course, activities like reading a book, sleeping, or enjoying wine and awamori all day long are also recommended alternatives for being a bit less active.


はじみてぃ ゆんらー!

ファンライン・エリック Eric van Rijn

Eric van Rijn

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Eric van Rijn has been living in Japan for over 20 years. After his studies in Japan, he has pursued a professional career in international business in Tokyo and Osaka for over 10 years. Having visited Okinawa frequently after his first trip to these beautiful islands in 2006, he moved to Ishigaki in 2016. Here, he established Nohoho and has been running ViLLA Nohoho since 2020 on top of consulting activities.